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This is an interactive demonstration of StyLit algorithm for example-based stylization of 3D renderings originally published by Fišer et al. at SIGGRAPH 2016 and demonstrated at Adobe MAX 2016.

In this demo you can paint or draw over a printed stencil and see your unique style to be transfered in real-time on a variety of 3D models. Besides live video input you can also use Screen Capture mode (see Video Input drop down dialog) where you can display the stencil on the screen and modify it using some digital painting tool such as Adobe Photoshop.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

The demo should run on any recent PC with powerful GPU (e.g., GeForce GTX 970) and CPU (e.g., Core i7). Windows 10/8/7 with latest CUDA drivers need to be installed. Any camera with DirectShow support can be used for live video capture, e.g., Logitech C920 or any recent Android smartphone equipped with IP Webcam app and IP Webcam Adapter 2.0 installed on PC.


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